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Ep 31 - Taking Your Follow-Up To The Next Level - Why Lead Generation Isn’t Enough
Episode 31
Hello and welcome to Real Estate Mastery - How To Create A Life That Doesn’t Require Your Presence.

Today I wanted to talk about following up and why it is so important. As we have tried to grow and shift our business over the past year, one thing I have tried to get better at is to follow up on the leads we are generating. Full disclosure is that I am not where I should be with lead follow-up, but we are getting better. We are a lot better than we were 10-15 years ago and we know what we have to do to get even better!

Where We Went Wrong

20 years ago I was taught that when it comes to lead generation, it is always best to take the low hanging fruit. If they want to sell, we will go all out letting them know why we are the best to work with. And if they weren’t ready, we didn’t put much effort into taking things further. We would continue to mail to them from time to time, hoping they would reach out to us when they finally decided to sell.

We have always used a CRM system, but we didn’t do much automation. I always believed that the follow-ups should be done personally by an agent or our VA. I always believed that doing things with a personal touch would keep us at the forefront of our potential seller’s mind, hoping they would reach out to us when the time was right.

What We’ve Changed

With all the noise out there, we knew we needed to be doing something different and better than what we had been doing in the past. Adding automated follow up in addition to our manual follow up has allowed us to reach more people and ultimately close more deals. Currently, we are utilizing automated texts, voicemail, and emails. With automated systems in place, there isn’t an excuse for poor follow-up.

We have learned that good enough is ok to start with, as we are always trying to do a better job. With agents and VA’s following up, along with our automated contacts, we are keeping ourselves at the top of our potential client’s minds. One thing we have learned is that people are tired of spam calls coming through. My personal cell phone is always on silent. If I don’t recognize the number, I will likely not pay attention to the call, nor will I even pick up. In our research, we have found email to be a better way of reaching people, however, we still continue to pursue all forms of contact.

My Challenge For Your Business

As an investor and business owner, I challenge you to look at how you are doing follow-up for your business. Are you incorporating both manual and automated follow-ups for the leads you are generating? Are you doing all you can and finding new ways to capitalize on the leads that are coming into your door?

With more and more people out there buying houses, generating leads isn’t enough. We need to learn how to generate high-quality leads for less, all while going above and beyond to stand out from our competition. Doing a great job with follow up is critical in today’s environment.

If we can answer questions or offer assistance, just let us know. I would love to help you create a better business. Do you have questions or topics you would like discussed on the Podcast? Don’t be afraid to reach out!

As always, thanks for listening!


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