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Ep 23 - How Technology Is Impacting The Way Real Estate Is Done
Episode 23
Welcome to Episode 23 of Real Estate Mastery - How To Create A Life That Doesn’t Require Your Presence.

Today I wanted to give a bit of a “market update” on things I have recently read and heard about pertaining to the real estate world. In previous podcasts, you’ve likely heard me talk about the massive changes taking place in the real estate market. If agents aren’t offering options, they may be in trouble. Many agents are beginning to offer direct-buy solutions so they are not beaten out by iBuyers.

The CarrotCast Podcast

One podcast I often listen to is hosted by Trevor Mauch of Investor Carrot, you may have heard me interview Trevor back in Episode 11. In my interview with Trevor, we discussed this very thing. I recently heard him bring it up again in a more recent episode of his own podcast stating that successful agents and home buying companies will need to begin offering multiple solutions if they want to survive.

One story he mentioned discussed a stock market crash we had back in 1987. It shook up the whole market, ultimately changing how people bought stock. It went from calling up your stockbroker which could often be expensive, to utilizing technology and being able to buy and sell stock on your own. Trevor likened this to what is currently happening in the real estate market. People are turning to technology to buy and sell homes, and if agents and homebuyers want to stay afloat, they will need to change with the times to stay competitive.


Marketwatch recently posted an article about the same thing. They discussed how technology and the rise of iBuyers are changing how people buy and sell real estate. In the article, they talk about how buying and selling a house can now be a simple as trading stocks. The article discussed how these iBuyers are jumping in and helping to solve the “pain” of selling a house. Sellers don’t necessarily want to list their house. The idea of someone walking through their home and invading their private space is often overwhelming. Direct buyers and iBuyers now entering the scene eliminate this part of the process, which sellers will really like, unfortunately, agents don’t always see this.

As someone who buys homes myself, I specialize in helping people who need to downsize. I know that I need to improve my game and what my company is able to offer. I work with agents, investors, and people who need to sell their homes. If you feel as if I could be a benefit to you, or to learn more about what was discussed in this episode, don’t be afraid to reach out!


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How Technology Is Impacting The Way Real Estate Is Done
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