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Ep 21 - The 2 Comma Club - Notes On A Recent ClickFunnels Event In Denver
Episode 21
In episode 21 of my podcast, Real Estate Mastery - How To Create a Life That Doesn’t Require Your Presence, I wanted to talk about a Click Funnels event I attended in Denver, which offered a lot of inspiration, innovation, and information.

The 2 Comma Club

ClickFunnels has a coaching group called the 2 Comma Club, and I am a proud member. There are several hundred people who are a part of this, and i always enjoy connecting with other like-minded individuals who want to grow their business the way I do. Some people in the club have one funnel, while others have several. What everyone in the club has in common is that they all have a dream they want to make a realty.

The Event

The event was a unique experience, and unlike any I had ever attended in the past. The event wasn’t just for club members, but for their families too. A third of the room were children, with a couple hundred being in attendance. I was incredibly impressed with these kids some of whom used ClickFunnels themselves to either help their parents or to run businesses of their own. It was really great to see kids taking an active interest in the same things their parents enjoy as opposed to just playing video games or spending time on social media.

Consumption vs. Production

Russel Brunson, who started ClickFunnels just a few years ago, brought up a good point about production vs. consumption of information. Over the summer he and his wife challenged his kids to not spend their time-consuming information on social media, but rather to produce it. This allowed them to still be involved, but in a much more productive way. I thought this was a good message for everyone, not just for kids.

Hook, Story, Offer

Russel spoke a lot throughout the event, but what I noticed that much of what he said came back to the fundamentals and doing them well. Hook, story, offer. Whether you re creating a Facebook ad, print ad, radio spot, or television commercial, the formula remains the same.

- Hook - You need a hook or headline that will pull in your ideal client.
- Story - Why they need your service, how you can benefit them, and why you are better than everyone else
- Offer - What they will get out of it

It is important to know who your ideal client is and who you would like to serve so that your hook, story, and offer all resonate with them. You don’t want to attract the wrong customers to your business. The wrong people will drain your energy and take the fun out of your business. Know who you want to serve and ask how you can be of even more help to them.

We would love to be of service to you or your business. Reach out to us at any time to learn more about how we can help you.


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