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As a licensed agent and active investor for over 20 years, Ben Souchek has been involved with hundreds of home sales. Now, he's here to help you. Every week, you'll hear about his strategies, successes, failures, and lessons learned, that will finally put you on the path to financial success. Listen in and learn how you can create a lifestyle that generates income without requiring your presence.
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EP 20 - How To Be Different: My Interview With Chip Kessler
Episode 20
In episode 20 of my podcast, Real Estate Mastery, How To Create A Life That Doesn’t Require Your Presence, I sat down with Chip Kessler who is the author of two popular marketing books and who offers a unique perspective to real estate.

About Chip

I’ve worked with Chip on and off for the past few years on a number of projects, and I wanted to have Chip on because of his unique background. He has not only worked in marketing, but he has also worked in radio, tv. PR, and once published a weekly newspaper. Today, Chip works in healthcare marketing, along with clients in the legal and IT fields.

Notes From Our Conversation

Standing Out

We discussed how to make yourself stand out and what an agent can do to attract clients. We talked about how real estate can be a very profitable venture, even with all of the changes that have taken place in the past few years.

Just like any profession, you can always refer to the 80/20 rule: 10-20% of the real estate agents are doing 80-90% of the business. So how do you become one of those agents? You have to do what is necessary, you have to be willing to do the work.

Finding Your Speciality

The more a real estate agent can specialize, the more likely they are to be successful. For example, any agent can list houses or direct clients, however, our team specializes in working with seniors who need to downsize a home they have been living in for a long time. The idea is to pick a niche within your profession and figure out how you can best work with them. You want to make yourself as attractive to buyers and sellers as possible so they will choose you before anyone else.

A Lot Of Work Doesn’t Always Translate Into Success

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because you are doing a lot, that you are doing well. You can have a hundred homes for sale, but how many of them are actually selling? Don’t confuse activity with results. Track everything you are doing, taking an honest look at everything you re doing. If something isn’t working, even if you have invested a lot of money into it, you should reaccess and try something else.

There is nothing wrong with failing when you learn!

Never Stop Learning

School is never out of session for the professional. As Chip says, he has done marketing for over 20 years, yet he still reads about marketing every day. Make the investment in tools and publications that will help you, and aim to model the success you are after. You don’t have to invent anything, take what’s working, apply yourself, and make it your own.

Working Together

When I look back 20 years to when I first started my business, I realize I was always more independent than I should have been. Instead of working with others, seeking advice, and asking questions, I assumed those in a place of success would not want to share their information with me. However, I shouldn’t have allowed a couple of protective agents stop me. I should have reached out to others who were in a place business-wise that I wanted to see myself in one day.

The Importance of Testimonials

People tend to go along with the crowd. When you can get others to sing your praises, others will take note. Anyone can talk about themselves, but to hear it from other people will improve your credibility.

Please reach out to us if you have questions about any of these topics of if we can be of any assistance to you or your business.


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