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EP 13 - Give To Get - Why It Pays To Give Before You Think You Are Ready
Episode 13
Hello, and welcome to Episode 13 of our Real Estate Mastery podcast. In this episode, I want to veer a little off-topic to discuss something that is near and dear to me. At the time of this recording, it is around July 4th, which has me feeling grateful for all of the gifts and opportunities our country provides.

If you recall, in episode 12 I discussed my recent 7-week excursion with my family. In our travels, we got to see and explore many beautiful areas, and I got to learn and grow while attending Carrot Camp in Roseburg, Oregon.

After attending the two-day camp, my family and I spent about a week in Seattle. While in town we visited the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As we toured the building and learned about the many great projects the foundation sponsors, one plaque, in particular, stood out to me.

“What would your foundation do?”
Imagine you were the head of a large charitable foundation that could really make a difference in the world. What would you choose to work on? What projects would you support?

2018 was the best year for my company financially. As such, my family and we able to make sizable contributions to charities we support. When I say sizeable, I mean more than what we had been able to give in years past. For us, there are two organizations we choose to support.

- The Children’s Hospital in Omaha
- The Shriners Hospital in Minneapolis

These entities are special to our family as they have done so truely wonderful things for us. When I read the plaque, it really made me think. Going forward, our team will be dedicated to helping these two hospitals in particular.

Don’t Wait To Give

One of my favorite podcasts to listen to in Carrot Cast, hosted by Trevor Mauch, founder of Investor Carrot. One thing he has brought up in the past is that people tend to wait to give. They wait until they hit a certain dollar amount or success level within their business. Maybe they don’t think the small amount they can afford will make a difference, but I promise you it will.

For us, our company gives a certain amount based on how many houses we are able to purchase each month. So more business equals more donations.

If you have a charity that means something to you and want to give, but haven’t yet, I suggest you start. Even if the amount doesn’t make a huge difference to the charity. It will make a difference to you. You will know that you are doing something. And I firmly believe that your kindness and generosity will come back to you in other ways. This is why I believe that you must give to get.
If you would like to give to the Omaha Hospital or Shriners Hospital, please see the links below!

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