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EP 11 Real Estate Disruption | Interview With Trevor Mauch of Investor Carrot

Episode 11
We did things a little different today. We sat down with Trevor Mauch from Investor Carrot, to discuss the shifts happening in the real estate world, both home values and with technology.

Trevor and his team work with agents and investors all over the country. As such, they are able to keep their finger on the pulse of what is happening in the real estate world.

Some of the topics discussed include:

How the market is changing
How it’s impacting real estate agents
How it’s impacting investors
What’s shifting,
What agents need to do to stay competitive

While market shifts are quite common, some of the major shifts we are seeing today involve technology and the change in business models. There is more competition out there with more and more people becoming investors or jumping into the market as an agent.

What’s changing?

Well, for starters, companies like Opendoor, Offerpad, Keller Williams are offering property owners more than a listing, they are offering to buy the property outright. Not only are people able to list, but they are able to get a fast cash offer too.

“We are at a market shift and also at a technology shift. When that happens, some big disruptions can happen.”

As these things shift, it’s important for agents to refine what they are doing, creating their own niche. A great way to stand out is to offer services that others do not. Agents will often push homeowners into a listing, but is it always the best option for your clients?

While agents are involved with about 90% of home sales, that number is expected to drop with the recent disturbances to the market. The smart thing for agents and investors to do is to partner up! An investor can serve the people who aren’t able to wait, while an agent is able to serve the clients who can hold out for retail. A traditional sale will take anywhere from 3-8 months, whereas selling to an experienced investor is typically a much faster process.

When a home seller reaches out to us, they don’t always want to sell directly, sometimes they would rather list with an agent. When this happens, we are able to work with agents in the seller’s specific market who can help them reach the goals they have set. This can also happen in reverse. Sometimes a seller will need to fix up the property for the MLS, but they don’t want to spend the time and money before selling. In this case, working with an investor can be the best decision possible!

Nowadays, to be successful in real estate, you need to be an agent or work with one. Or be an investor and work with one.

Offering multiple options is in your clients best interest. Being able to offer both a listing or a direct sale allows agents to monetize leads from all angles. A successful agent will be able to find multiple solutions for their client’s real estate needs.

Partnering with The Sierra Group allows an agent to utilize our systems, market information, materials, and presentations. No longer will agents have to hustle to obtain leads. There is never any cost to agents, we don’t charge, we pay! You can be the first in your market with real solutions!


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