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EP 10 Interview With Kevin Jamieson On The Benefits of Providing Home Sellers Multiple Solutions

Episode 10
Hello, and welcome to episode 10! I sat down with a special guest, Kevin Jamieson, who I have been working with for over 10 years. Kevin plays a dual role as he owns his own business as a licensed agent with EXP Realty and he also does a number of things for the Sierra Group including home inspections, and communication with local sellers in the Kansas City Market.

I brought Kevin in because I wanted to address some common misconceptions agents often have about partnering with a professional home buyer. Agents often wonder why a seller would rather work with a direct buyer as opposed to a direct listing. When in fact, for some sellers it can be the best way to go. Often times, agents may write off home buyers, not seeing the value in the services provided. However, the right partnerships can prove to be very profitable and beneficial.

A Few Of The Benefits…
A buyer-agent partnership offers benefits to both the agent and the customers who need to sell their homes.

Agent Benefits

By partnering with the Sierra Group, Kevin’s business has grown expeditiously. In his first year with us, he did about $500,000-$750,--- in business. This year he plans to do somewhere between 5 and 6 million. What was originally thought to be a part-time relationship, now helps to generate 75-80% of Kevin’s business.
Working with the Sierra Group has taught Kevin and his team a lot about real estate, especially from the investor's point of view. Per Kevin, there are things he has learned by working with us that has allowed him to grow within his own business.

Benefits For Sellers

Working with a direct buyer helps a seller avoid all of the tedious things that come along with a traditional listing. For example:

The seller won’t have to clean or prepare for property showings
They won’t have to spend money making repairs to the house before selling
There is no contract making them wait while a buyer is located
We are where we say we will be, when we say we’ll be
We will close when we say we will close
We allow people to stay in their homes while they work out moving details, even after the closing has completed
There are no inspections or appraisals
We can even help with moving costs in most instances
Sellers don’t have to jump through any hoops or deal with any unknown surprises

Since Kevin first started working with us, he hasn’t heard a negative review about what we have done to help people. Our professionalism truly sets us apart. Others buyers will quickly walk through a house and throw out a number. Our offers and solutions are much more thoughtful.

Typically, buyers and sellers aren’t going to create the same volume for agents as adding this other tool will. It’s worth agents taking a second look at the possibilities and the ability to monetize more of their leads.

If you are an agent who would like to know more about what we can offer, reach out to me at any time! You can send a message through my website at or find more information about our services at Home Downsizing Solutions!

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