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As a licensed agent and active investor for over 20 years, Ben Souchek has been involved with hundreds of home sales. Now, he's here to help you. Every week, you'll hear about his strategies, successes, failures, and lessons learned, that will finally put you on the path to financial success. Listen in and learn how you can create a lifestyle that generates income without requiring your presence.
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EP 9 Is Your Perception Of What Your Clients Want Costing You Business?
Episode 9
Hello, and welcome to episode nine! You’ve heard me talk about the benefits of offering your clients options. In real estate, being able to offer multiple solutions to home sellers will help you grow your business and monetize more leads. Both agents and investors can generate more business simply by working together.

Where I Went Wrong…

There are a number of things I should have been doing more of when I first started my business. By doing some things different from the beginning, I would have progressed in my career much more quickly.

One of the things I should have done more of is networking. I should have spent more time going to investor meetups and real estate meetings. I never reached out to others as partners who may have been able to help me with alternative exit strategies. Instead, I deployed my marketing and worked with the leads that came in.


I was hesitant to approach agents, as most of them tended to believe that the “we buy houses” people were all the same. They assumed I was just there to make a low-ball offer, in hopes of stealing the home away from its owner. I always found this to be unfortunate, as by combining our services, we would have been able to reach a lot more people.

I feel like oftentimes agents don’t realize that some people aren’t trying to squeeze every dime out of the property. If they’ve lived in the house for a long time and haven’t made upgrades or repairs to the property, they may not want to before listing in. Plus, they have likely accumulated a good amount of stuff during their time in the home. If they are downsizing, dealing with all of that can be a pain. However, an investor will often buy as-is, even handling the items the seller wishes to leave behind! Working with an investor will also free the seller from property showings and being asked to leave their home at the last moment because someone wants to see the house. The seller should also be prepared to negotiate with the potential buyer after the inspection and appraisal period. Something they can avoid by selling quickly.

Why The Partnership Works…

Even to this day, many agents will miss out on monetizing a lead, simply because they don’t know the benefits a professional home buyer may be able to offer them.
As an agent, working with an investor who will pay you a commission or a referral fee for the deal is an easy and fast way to monetize a lead. It will be as if you had sold the house on the MLS.
In one situation in particular, I worked with an agent who had a client who was a severe hoarder. They didn’t want property shown, nor were they able to make repairs to the property. The agent was able to bring me in to see the home, where I made an offer for the house and anything the seller needed to leave behind. The client felt safe and comfortable and I paid the agent’s commission.

We can also work with sellers who need to stay in the house until they find a new house. We work with people so they can close and move on their terms. This convenience is highly valued by many sellers I’ve worked with.

Your Toolbox…

The fact of the matter is that agents need more than one tool in their toolbox. By working with Home Downsizing Solutions allows agents to take our branding, create a presentation, and have our backing when working with home if their client doesn’t want to sell on the MLS, we can provide an alternative. Instead of moving forward without a change in your business, add another tool. The right partnerships can enhance the service you are offering your clients and customers.
Reach out to me any time at, I am happy to help you in any way I can!

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