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Agents Vs. Investors: What a Home Seller Really Wants
Episode 5
Welcome to episode five! Today I wanted to talk about ways to best serve your clients and take care of your customers. When it comes to working with sellers, you typically have two opposing camps.  
Agents - who will tell you to avoid investors because they want to give you a low-ball offer
Investors - who will tell you to stay away from agents who are only after a commission
So where does this leave the seller?
Agents typically only offer to list the house on the MLS, while investors only offer to buy the house outright. It can leave sellers not knowing how to sell or who to trust.
How Do We Change This?
Since starting my business, I’ve met with sellers in all sorts of situations. I let them know that I own a company that buys houses and I can also list the house as I am an agent with a great team of agents supporting me. Having options isn’t the norm when trying to sell your house, so offering this service to the home sellers you work with will help you stand out from other investors and agents. Pushing people into one option or another doesn’t keep their best interest in mind. By giving them options, they will be able to make the selling decision that is right for them!
Why It Matters...
The term iBuyers has been getting a lot of attention in the last few years. Large companies such as Zillow, Coldwell Banker, and Keller Williams are entering the market with a large amount of private funding supporting them. These companies used advanced, automated systems that allow a seller to simply put in their property information, and out pops an offer. Of course, the house will need to be seen before a purchase, but the convenience and built-in trust are encouraging more and more homeowners to sell their homes in this manner.
The direct buyer model is becoming more mainstream, gaining more and more attention by the day. Agents who don’t evolve with the times, who believe an MLS listing is the only way to sell, may be hurt by the changing markets. Investors whose methods are to simply buy direct may find they aren’t able to stay competitive. Their services could be negated.
What To Do…
To serve home sellers better is to offer them multiple options. Agents may shy away from investors because of preconceived ideas of a “low-ball” offer. Investors shy away from agents because of commissions and all of the other costs involved with a successful listing. However, both sides are doing their client a disservice by not offering multiple selling options, letting the seller decide which method will work best for their situation.
As the market evolves, offering multiple solutions is critical. It will help you gain more business and provide better service to the sellers you work with. Going forward, offering these services will help differentiate you from the competition. You’ll be able to work with a home seller, providing the best options possible.
If you have any interest in working together on deals like this, or if you want to know more about me, visit Home Downsizing Solutions or I will be happy to discuss with you how to become a Home Downsizing Solutions Affiliated Agent or a Total Solutions Agent. We believe our agents will have an advantage over agents who are trying to hold onto the old way of doing business.
I hope you think about this and consider the different ways you can provide the best services for homeowners you work with.

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